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Love Sick : April 2009 : Lancaster, Pa

In children, life, Open Collection Images on August 12, 2009 at 7:54 pm

I have some fantastic friends in my life. Ask me to name my best friends and I probably have too many but my best, bests, have been in my life forever. We’ve all grown up now…we’ll we’re trying to and I have to say, we are some pretty tough broads. I’m very proud of my best friends. To say they are strong women would be an understatement. We are strong and rocking, and while I’m rhyming, I hear Vegas knocking….hint hint.  Majority of us have become spread all over the US. To think about it I’m the only one who came back and stayed. I think that’s worked out well!

Growing up I think we had ideas of  who would get engaged first, who would get married first, who would have babies first…in all of these I don’t think any of us banked on Julie taking all three firsts. She did, and she’s doing quite well. I give Julie propps for her life, she moved far away to the deap south, met her husband, got engaged at a Rancid concert, got her white picket fence (litterly) pool too, fantastic career and now fantastic momma. She has a lot more courage then I do and I don’t tell her that often. It does break my heart that she’s so far away, in Georgia, but I deal and when she’s back in town I make sure to clear my schedule for her.

In April Julie and Miss. Ruby Rose came to town. Here are some pictures of our day together.  I love you Julie. Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks.











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